Ping Coombes’ Black Pepper Beef with Green & Red Peppers

Ping Coombes’ Black Pepper Beef with Green & Red Peppers


  • 1 medium red pepper
  • 2 medium green peppers
  • 2 rib eye steaks (about 450g), cut into 1 cm strips
  • 1 tbs cornflour
  • 1 tbs light soy sauce
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil
  • 30g salted butter
  • 1 medium onion, cut into thick slices
  • 2 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 50g red wine
  • 120g Woh Hup Black Pepper Sauce
  • 2 tbs water
  • 1 tbs oyster sauce
Ping Coombes’ Black Pepper Beef with Green & Red Peppers pack image

Serves: 4

This is no doubt one of the most popular and well known dishes in a Chinese restaurant. The tingly heat of the peppercorns goes so well with beef and it is truly a match made in heaven. I have added butter and red wine to enrich the sauce as well as cooking the peppers 2 ways to enhance their textures and sweetness.  Enjoy this with tons of steamed rice.” Ping Coombes


  1. Marinade the beef strips with cornflour, light soya sauce and salt. Set aside
  2. Preheat your grill to 210C, halve the red pepper and 1 of the green pepper. Drizzle with a little vegetable oil.  Place flat side down and grill for 10 – 12 mins till the skins are blistered and slightly burnt.
  3. Remove the stalks and cut each halves into 4 pieces. Set aside.
  4. Remove stalk of the remaining green pepper and cut into 2cm pieces
  5. Mix black pepper sauce, water and oyster sauce together and set aside
  6. Heat 2 tbs of oil in a wok or frying pan until smoking. Add the beef and move them around the wok till they are all browned or seared. Remove from the wok. There will be some residue left on the wok which is fine.
  7. Using the same wok without washing it, reduce to medium high and add the butter till melted. Add in the garlic and onions. Fry for a minute and add in the red wine. Bring it to boil and add in the raw green peppers and the black pepper sauce mix.
  8. Add the beef back in. Stir fry for 1 minute and then add the grilled peppers and mix well. Turn the heat off and serve immediately.

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