Top Tips

Create an authentic experience to inspire your diners

Woh Hup Sauces is here to help support your business. Whilst it is important to have familiar dishes on the menu, there is a growing opportunity for ‘authentic’ experiences through food. Consumers are now looking more for global cuisines and are interested in a story of the dishes that includes the origin and food preparation process.

Research suggests that half of respondents would go to a restaurant more often if the menu had more regional and ‘Chef Specials’ dishes that demonstrate a special flavour of that region.*

Try these top tips to provide your customers with an authentic experience and boost your sales:

  • Introduce your consumers with regional cuisines, e. g. Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and create a special dish of that region.
  • Would like to impress even more? Tell your consumers the story behind the dish or the ingredients and you will be on top of their expectations to know ‘what’ and ‘how’.

*Source: MCA. UK Eating Out Market Report 2019

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